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book_en‘The story of my life’ is an educational workbook that intends to help children with autism develop self-understanding and social awareness.  It helps them make sense of: who they are, how they change as they grow older, who their family is, what their strengths/challenges and interests are, and learn about their environment and the people around them. It is a practical tool personalized for each child that covers all important areas of life: family, home, physical and social environment, etc. The workbook enables children to understand the concept of past, present, and future and permanence of self across time which are all essential elements to being able to adapt to a constantly changing environment. It can also serve as a valuable tool for the announcement of the autism diagnosis. Working on ‘The story of my life’ workbook will bring many memorable moments for families and soon will become a daily reference book for children with autism.

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‘My activity journal’
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