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Several workshops are available to daycares who integrate children with autism. All workshops are carefully crafted to offer theoretical understanding, practical tools and recommendations to various topics related to autism. The workshops are three hours long with lots of opportunities for questions and small case discussions.

1.1.   Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders

• Recognizing the first signs
• Characteristics of social interactions and communication
• Play and specific interests
• Educational tools and tips for early intervention

1.2.   Demystifying autism

• Understanding sensory difficulties
• Dealing with challenging behaviors
• Setting up supportive environment
• Developing a treasure chest

1.3.   The process of integration

• Attitudes and beliefs
• Roles and responsibilities
• Challenges of integration
• Collaboration with parents and professionals
• Setting up a working team
• Embracing differences

1.4.   Small group activities

• Benefits of small group activities
• Choosing the right children
• Planning the activities
• Creating supportive environment

Custom made workshops are also available tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Check the Events section to find out about the next workshop dates.

Contact if you wish to have an in house training.


“La formation m’a permis de bien comprendre l’autisme. C’était clair et
accessible. J’ai beaucoup apprécié les explications et les exemples concrets.”

-Annickéducatrice en CPE

“Super bonne animatrice. Beaucoup d’exemples et de cas vécus.”

-Fatimaéducatrice en garderie-

“Merci beaucoup! Je pense que grâce à vous, mes interventions et ma compréhension
seront plus adéquates.”