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What it means to be a child

Childhood is a wonderful period in a person’s life that has certain characteristics that adults need to remember. Expectations should always reflect these characteristics. Even though we all know this, there is a tendency to forget this basic truth and we hold children responsible for their actions way too early. This poster can serve as a reminder that children are children, and they need our loving guidance to help them learn and grow.

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Educating young children requires dedication, knowledge, and willingness to embrace differences and celebrate the uniqueness of every single child. This poster is a daily reminder about the need to adopt an inclusive mentality and to make sure that ALL CHILDREN, regardless of their differences, feel welcomed and appreciated. Please feel free to download it and share it.

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The conscious Inclusive Education

The atypical child manifesto-poster-EN.jpg

Children with atypical development are regularly misunderstood and punished for who they really are.

It is time for this to change!!!

They do not need us to get angry at them and label their behavior, they need for us to understand who they are and to respond to their needs. This poster initiates a paradigm shift in the way we understand atypical children and their behavior.

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The Atypical Child Manifesto

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