“Mme Burjan est une formatrice passionnée qui maîtrise son sujet et le transmet avec enthousiasme et professionnalisme. Nous avons eu la chance de l’avoir comme formatrice pigiste pendant une dizaine d’années. Elle donnait des formations aux éducatrices en services de garde en milieu scolaire et en CPE, en matière d’intégration des enfants présentant un trouble du spectre de l’autisme ou une déficience intellectuelle.

Elle était très appréciée pour ses connaissances, sa capacité à répondre aux besoins des éducatrices et les moyens d’intervention concrets qu’elle leur apportait.”

Monique Lafontaine
Fondatrice et ex-directrice générale de l’organisme communautaire ISEHMG
– Intégration Sociale des Enfants Handicapés en Milieu de Garde.


Anikó Burján, the founder of LilyPED, holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from McGill University and more than twenty years of professional experience working with children on the autism spectrum and intellectual disabilities in various educational and clinical settings both in England and in Canada. She has been giving workshops related to autism to educators and social care workers for the past fifteen years throughout Quebec and internationally.

Trained in various approaches (ABA, DIR Floortime, SCERTS, PECS, TEACCH, Multimodal Functional Approach, and SACCADE), she uses a comprehensive child centered approach in her work. In addition to her expertise in intervention, she has also participated in diagnostic evaluations as part of an interdisciplinary team for several years. She is qualified to administer ADOS and ADI-R evaluations.

Working for a CSSS for the past ten years and prior to that for a federal First Nation’s agency, has helped her develop an understanding of the health and social services system in Québec.  She is a member of the Québec Order of Psychoeducators and the Réseau national d’expertise en trouble du spectre de l’autisme.

Using her professional knowledge combined with creativity, she has been developing various educational materials aiming to help children with autism overcome daily challenges, develop a sense of self-understanding and navigate the social world.


Discover the Potential in each child and offer them the right Education to maximize their Development.

Anikó Burján

Master’s in Educational Psychology McGill University