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Online Coaching

from the comfort

of your home

60 minute sessions via Zoom

In-person sessions in our Montreal clinic

What you can expect:

  • Understanding

  • Respect

  • Up to date knowledge

Parent Coaching

When you are raising a unique child who has both incredible potential and obstacles to reach that potential, parenting can be a challenging and lonely journey. Your child perhaps has trouble making social connections, regulating emotions, navigating through school or handling difficult situations. They may already have a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Social Communication Difficulties, or Twice Exceptional profile. You have probably tried everything including bribes, consequences, and nagging, but see no difference and are stuck in a cycle of frustration and helplessness. The good news is that there is a path that will allow your child to thrive but the usual parenting approaches simply don’t work with these complex children. Their brain is uniquely wired and they need to be parented differently.

“You don’t fix your child. You create the conditions for them to rise.”
-Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Aniko can guide you through your parenting journey and find an approach that fits your child’s unique developmental needs and your family situation. Online coaching is a convenient, less intimidating format that will fit your hectic lifestyle.

What you can expect from parent coaching:

  • Understand the invisible difficulties of your child

  • See what's behind challenging behaviours

  • Switch from reacting to behaiours to responding to the underlying needs

  • Guide you in implementing best practices proven successful with neurodiverse children

  • Allow you to feel confident and capable in parenting your unique child


Aniko brings over 25 years of experience-driven insight. Throughout these years she has helped countless children and families ease everyday struggles and build the best life possible.

Professional Coaching

Who can benefit from it?

Educators, teachers, psychoeducators, social workers, or any other professionals working with neurodiverse children, adolescents, or adults (ASD, ADHD, social communication difficulties, anxiety, twice exceptional).

Whether you are fresh out of school or already a seasoned professional don’t feel bad if you are not sure what to do with these awesome and complex atypical kids or older individuals. It’s all normal since chances are that your training did not prepare you for that. Traditional approaches gave you the tools to work with mostly neurologically typical kids but today 1 in 5 children is considered atypical or as we also call it “differently wired”. As you already know since you are reading this, they do not respond to traditional approaches. The key to helping them is to understand that they are unique and they need an individually tailored approach. No one-size-fits-all magic solution.

Professional Coaching/ Consultation will help you:

  • Define problem areas

  • Set objectives

  • Understand complex family situations

  • Find the right approach 


You will feel supported, inspired, and informed.

Aniko brings you the most up to date knowledge, research findings,  and best practices in the area of atypical development.

What you can expect from professional coaching:

  • Aniko has a unique ability to quickly analyse complex situations and identify underlying difficulties

  • She will help you to see beyond problem behaviours and identify the child's lagging skills

  • Together you will set realistic objectives

Coaching for Atypical Adults

Coming soon, stay tuned.

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