A variety of workshops are available aiming to inspire, inform, and support educators, professionals, and parents in relation to atypical development. Check out the upcoming events or scroll down to see available topics for onsite trainings. 

Dedicated to bringing you the most up to date, research-based knowledge.

Available Topics for Onsite Trainings

Onsite training sessions are available for both small and large groups and can be individualized to meet the needs and interests of the organization. All trainings are now available online via Zoom. Workshops are generally 3 or 6 hours long, offered in the evenings, weekdays, or weekends. All workshops are available in both English or French.

Below is a list of most requested topics:  


  • Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Introduction to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Introduction to Down Syndrome 

  • Emotional Regulation in Children

  • Helping Children Cope with Anxiety

  • Demystifying Challenging Behaviours

  • The Art of Inclusion in Daycare

  • When Words Are Not Sufficient - How to Make Visual Strategies Become Our Best Allies

  • The Foundation of Conscious Inclusive Education - Comprehensive Workshop Series

  • When Traditional Methods Do Not Work - Understanding Atypical Development 

  • Intense, Rigid, and Difficult - All about Sensory Processing and Executive Functioning

  • The Art of Collaborating with Parents

To book an onsite or online training, please call 514-473-8277 or contact: 

Image by Nick Morrison
What makes Aniko’s workshops unique?

  • Her extensive hands-on experience with individuals throughout their lifespan.

  • Her wealth of knowledge and familiarity with different milieux (families, daycares, schools, and clinical settings).

  • Her humorous and dynamic presentation style, and down-to-earth language.

What she brings to you is clear, realistic, and immediately helpful.

Upcoming Workshops Hosted by LilyPED

Aniko is a dynamic, creative, and highly engaging presenter. She used tons of examples that we could relate to. This workshop is a must.

- Dana, daycare educator

I loved the clarity and simplicity of the content. Aniko brings credibility and experience. She has a very realistic view about our situation. Highly recommend it!

- CPE Concordia

Thanks you for these two amazing workshops. I feel more prepared to integrate special needs kids to my group. Loved your passion.

- Nathalie, CPE educator

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Introduction au Trouble du spectre de l'autisme (3h)

Date: 16 novembre 2021, 18h à 21h

En ligne via Zoom


La régulation émotionnelle chez les enfants (1.5h)

Date: à venir, 17h à 18:30h

En ligne via Zoom

cover page XL.jpg

La fondation d'une éducation consciente inclusive (2 jours)

Date: à venir

Centre St-Pierre à Montréal


Quand les méthodes traditionnelles ne fonctionnent pas (3h)

Date: 9 novembre 2021, 18h à 21h

En ligne via Zoom

Happy Girl

Introduction au Trouble du déficit de l'attention avec ou sans hyperactivité

Date: 7 octobre 2021, de 17h à 19h

En ligne via Zoom

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

L'anxiété chez les enfants (1.5h)

Date: 5 octobre 2021, 17h à 18:30h

En ligne via Zoom

Afro American Kid

La gestion des comportements difficiles

Date: 11 septembre 2021, de 9h à 12h

En ligne via Zoom

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