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A variety of workshops are available aiming to inform, support, and inspire educators, professionals, and parents about topics related to neurodiversity, challenging behaviours, self regulation, and inclusive education. Check out the upcoming workshop dates or scroll down to see the available topics for onsite group trainings. 

Dedicated to bringing you the most up to date, research-based knowledge.

Available Topics for Onsite Trainings

Onsite training sessions are available for both small and large groups and can be individualized to meet the needs and interests of the organization. All trainings are available online via Zoom or in person. Workshops are generally 3 or 6 hours long, offered in the evenings, weekdays, or Saturdays. All workshops are available in both English or French.

Below is a list of most requested topics:  


  • Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders (3h)

  • Introduction to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (3h)

  • Introduction to Down Syndrome (3h)

  • How to Work with Twice Exceptional Children? (3h)

  • Little People, Big Emotions - All about emotional regulation (3h)

  • Helping Children Cope with Anxiety (3h)

  • Decoding Challenging Behaviours (3h)

  • The ABC of Inclusion in Daycare (6h)

  • The Foundation of Conscious Inclusive Education - Comprehensive Workshop Series (12h)

  • Understanding Neurodivers Children (3h)

  • When Our Senses Don't Make Sense - All About Sensory Processing (3h)

  • The Art of Collaborating with Parents (1.5h)

  • Self-Regulation in Young Children (3h)

  • Promoting a Healthy Self-Esteem and Body Image in Children (3H)

To book an onsite or online training, please contact: or call 514-473-8277.

Image by Nick Morrison
What makes Aniko’s workshops unique?

  • Her extensive hands-on experience with individuals throughout their lifespan.

  • Her wealth of knowledge and familiarity with different milieux (families, daycares, schools, and clinical settings).

  • Her humorous and dynamic presentation style, and down-to-earth language.

What she brings to you is clear, realistic, and immediately helpful.
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Upcoming Online Workshops 

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Comprendre le développement atypique

Date: 27 octobre 2022, 18h à 21h

(en français) En ligne via Zoom

Afro American Kid

Décoder les comportements difficiles

Date: 16 novembre 2022, 18h à 21h

(en français) Via Zoom

Copy of Publications Quotes (14).png

Comment créer un milieu où tous les enfants peuvent s'épanouir?  - COMPLET

Date: 3 novembre 2022, 18h à 21h

(en français) en ligne Via Zoom


Favoriser la régulation de soi chez les enfants (3h)

Date: 9 novembre  2022, 18h à 21h

(en français) Via Zoom

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