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People with autism do not come from another planet, even though sometimes they may perceive, think and act differently. Their intelligence is neither less, nor more than ours; it’s just simply different, and their ways of seeing the world are fascinating in many ways.

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I think an appropriate metaphor for autism spectrum disorders is the sea- vast, beautiful, mysterious and unfathomable. Sometimes the waves clash dangerously, other times they splash playfully, and there are some days when the water is calm, serene and peaceful. You can go to the sea and just enjoy the waves, but if you are adventurous enough to put on your snorkeling gear you will discover a whole new world, invisible to the surface with all its colours and hidden beauty. Only then you can say that you truly understand what the sea is all about.

Researchers are starting to rethink how much we really know about autistic people and they are coming to a conclusion that we might be underestimating their abilities and how much they are capable of contributing to society.  We need to work together to build a bridge between the two worlds – a bridge that will help us understand each other, break down the barriers of ignorance,  and celebrate this difference.

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